Monday, June 30, 2008

52 - Week 1

"It began the way that all important things begin – by chance."

"The wedding was in the country. Big house. Smart Party. We were looking forward to an early Midsummer Night’s Dream with bluebells and fairies and love like a rope knotted round the girth of the earth. Love wrapped round life. Life held safe inside a vow – I do.

Such an active verb…

I was half-wishing it might be me – in white, in love, insured against the future. Someone to call my own, though I know you can’t own anybody, but I am a bit of a stray dog with nothing written on my tag, and sometimes, when I walk past those key-cutting places that do engraving for pets, I think it wouldn’t be so bad to have your number on one side and my name on the other…"

"My mother’s only piece of personal life coaching was ‘lie back and think of cabbage.' My father likes to say ‘if in doubt, risk it.’ There were not compatible.

Perhaps I have been on the cabbage side of life for too long. All right, risk it."